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  •   Quzhou Rundong Chemical Co. Ltd.
    About Us

      Quzhou Rundong Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and distribution of Specialty Chemicals. We have lab. in Shanghai and pilot plant in Zhejiang Provinces, close cooperation with universities and colleges had highly enhanced our capability in supplying complicated structure compounds. We have over ten years experience in providing custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services from grams to hundred kilograms, testing facilities are equipped both in our lab. and production site.


      Products we supply include aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, amino acid compounds, chiral compounds, etc. Fast feedback, cost competitive, high quality and stable service are what we are proud of.  We dedicated ourselves in providing high efficient, long-term stable service which will let you feel that we are part of you - just in your adjoining office.


      We always take people as the foremost, make effort to establish a professional, experienced, high-efficient and stable team. We aim to get a win-win corporation with our customers around the world.


      Please contact us when you are looking for a special compound and safe service, you will harvest a pleasant surprise by doing this.